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About After Words Language Services

After Words Language Services is the trading name of Níall Tracey.

A native of Central Scotland, I graduated from Edinburgh University with an honours degree (BEng) in Computer Science in 2001 and began a career in corporate IT. Quite quickly I realised that this wasn't the environment I wanted to spend my life in, and I started on a new part-time degree in languages with the Open University.

I started by studying linguistics and English language in 2005, and found the topic absolutely fascinating - the course opened my eyes to new ways of looking at grammar, something that helped me immensely as at that point I had started learning Spanish and Gaelic through short courses and home study.

I tried out English teaching for the first time when a local church began offering lessons for Polish immigrants in 2006, and I loved it. The next year I took seven months out to study an English teaching course (CELTA) and teach in Spain, in order to improve my Spanish. Of course, when I ended up in the Basque Country, I started trying to learn a little Basque, too!

Coming back, I was more convinced than ever that I wanted to work in a language-related field, so I set myself to gain experience, and over the next four years I sought roles that would utilise those skills. I have worked as a bid editor for teams not only in the UK, but also the Netherlands and Norway, and I have also worked in internal communications, drafting emails for distribution across the company within the UK, and all this without leaving IT.

I am currently awaiting award of a first class honours degree in English and Spanish, and will receive an additional qualification in French (at degree level) at the end of this year.

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